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Sauna without borders

This week we welcomed Beats Without Borders DJ Tarun.
He layed down a fat breaks and bhangra set

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Mr. Mark

Mark’s Birthday Sauna Party :

get hot watching Mark blow out candles

Mr Mark turns 40 on August 29th.
By celebrating it a day early,
we’ll be catching his birthday right at midnight.
But first….

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Dj Casa Rhapsody

DJ Cassidy aka Rhapsody dropped in to spread some Koots Roots
a sweet selection of good vibe reggae and hip-hop. if you listen closely you can hear Jai playing dijerido.

Ghetto and Woodhead start off the night chillin it wide with some fresh cracklin vinyl. They go back to back in this two part set(coming soon)

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3rd anniversary Party

Its been three years since the sauna truck made its first trip to the Intention new years party 2001.

We did it up sauna style with some of our fav. djs. thanks for much support.

Marc Brennan bumps it on the electro clitch tip(52mb)

DJ Un Jin Yeo came over from next door with a deep and techy fat house mixture(55mb)

Kufu Melted a old school drum and bass set(41mb)

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DJ CHill

Enjoy this deep sauna snippet(40mb) provided by DJ CHill of the Mycorrhiza Collective.
DJ CHill’s deep tech house selection applied a deep heat to our soul.

Thanks Karlis and Sharpie for working on sauna upkeep and modifications.
The sauna is now hotter than ever!

stay tuned for info on our Blow Up Tha Box Sauna Party.

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the lucid factor

Brace yourselves, o community of late-night revelers, for a portal opening hybrid. Think The Matrix meets Waking Life: it’s condensed essence spoken with Hal-like precision yet ripe with wizened soul. Introduced by Karlis and Elvis, this is seer James Phox’s vision experienced as a dream dubbed “The Lucid Factor”(10mb).
How does one lone individual grasp control of his psychoscape when his subconscious has configured this control into the format of a videogame quickly becoming obsolete as his mental energy falters? What exactly is “The Lucid Factor”? Believe in the magic of the subconscious underworld and you will find out; the pixels of a rapidly changing dreamscape will become real, if you make it so.

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i think this last week we were possessed by the martini spirit of turntables past. Carl Sagan comes back from the grave to teach us a little bit about our peachy universe…..I think(20mb).
Stay tuned for transmissions from the ceder hot box baby!

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Peanut butter baby!

Some wickedly spooky pre-halloween mayham produced this series of loop jams. really spooky. mp3 available (13mb) The first few songs are a rocky voyage through a peanut butter sludge breakbeat landing on Lisa and Wendy’s harsh song Is the water warm enough? We smooth it out with a little dub karaoke at the end. Jah Rasta!

This Saturday November 1st 03
Ghetto productions and saunasessions present:

featuring dj Mat The Alien, ghetto, soda,woodhead and mark d.

Bring a towel for the hot tub, wear a tight silver alien costume and fuckin’ giver!. The party is at 333 west 7th Vancouver BC.Flyer image

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tougobelt jam

sunday sauna sweating in stereo with a excerpt from togo belt jam.mp3 A surprise visit from the Stereotype resulted in a twisted and offensive tylenol jam.mp3

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The Joy Scouts of Canada

The Joy Scouts of Canada present: Thanksgiver Sunday. Oct 12th @ 333 west 7th ave.

Music from massive amounts of Djs. check flyer

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