Our Mobile Saunas

The BC Mobile Sauna Society operates several mobile saunas.

Sauna Truck (2005)

Sauna Truck at Funkoree

The saunatruck was completed in 2005 to replace the SaunaVan.  Similar in layout but larger, this sauna has visited events and festivals around BC. In 2018 it was “liberated” from the old truck and is now transported by crane and flatdeck when required.

Sauna Van (2001/2006)

Woodhead inside the saunavan

The saunavan was built in December 2000 and completed on January 1 to make sauna trips around BC, from Squamish to Nelson and all around the Vancouver area.  The 1980 GMC Vandura featured a propane sauna stove and a all-cedar interior.  After an motor vehicle accident it was converted into a trailer in 2006 and the interior was refurbished.   It currently resides on Gabriola Island.

Sauna Tent (2014)

Sauna tent interior

Sauna tent interior

sauna tent (2014)

sauna tent (2014)

For 2014 we have completed our tent sauna designed to be set up in places where the Sauna Truck won’t fit, on decks, in backyards, in carports and warehouse studios. The sauna itself is 10’x7′ (3m x 2m) with our usual L-shaped, two-level benches. The structure and benches are modular and it comes apart easily into flat sections no larger than 4’x6′ (1.3m x 2m). The skin is 15oz cotton canvas covered with a layer of blanket insulation and a polytarp shell. It’s intended for multi-week residencies around East Vancouver.

TBus Sauna (2014)

TBus Sauna

TBus Sauna

This co-production with Transformation Projects is a big sauna in an even bigger red bus that includes a full kitchen, lounge and master bedroom. Big windows in the bus and sauna give it a very bright and open interior. The sauna is 7’x8′, with a U-shaped bench layout. The benches even have seatbelts. It’s an amazing bus by all accounts, and it’s available for your events through Transformation Projects.

Sauna Dome (2008-2013)

Elaho Sauna Dome at Funkoree

Since 2008 the sauna dome has been re-contructed yearly in the Elaho river valley near Squamish with a kit  including a stove and dome covering fabrics. Some excellent riverside sites prevented access by large vehicles so the dome was a solution to get bathers next to the glacial river.  Wooden branches for the dome structure are obtained on-site, parts of which are reused from previous years.



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