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Two Thousand and Sweatin’

This sunday night welcome in the new year of two thousand and sweatin’ with a very special sauna party at our very special location. We’ll be going late so if you’re at some club in the city, bail on that and bring yourself, your friends and a towel to a (very) deep east house party! Contact Karlis, Darren or Geri for location info.

Big thanks to Cara, the Sweetsoul crew and Steamboat Fatty for last Friday’s very special saunasession and farewell tribute to the Godfather of Sweat, Mr. James Brown.

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fscking sshervers, tis the season

So the stream is back finally, after we poked just about everything involved with a stick. The cable bill is paid, the account transferred and reconnected, the server rebooted, the drive fscked, the IPs changed, and everything seems cool.

Hopefully it’ll last until the next sweat at least. Big thanks to the wind here for blowing westerly rather than nor-westerly last week, so that big tree crushed our neighbour’s deck and not the newly refurbished original sauna.

We got some sweats in planning to cope with the season, whether you’re suffering from cold weather or too much sauce. St. Jules is hosting on Dec. 24th, I think we’ll be in Burnaby for New Years, and don’t forget to come down to Rime on the drive for the saunasessions all-star revue on Jan. 15. Bring a towel!

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TNB All Stars

big thanks to all the folks that came out for the last sauna party ever on sunday. . . this was some serious full house tops-no-bottoms dance session live jam smoothie potluck all-star DJ event! Big thanks to Luke-tzu and the Pandora Benevolent Society for our 4-year weekly saunasessions residency.

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Chez Trish

You can forget all that hype about Burners and KootsRoots this weekend. All the sauna peeps know that the best sessions happen here when Trish is in the house. This sunday. Serious potluk and jam, Trish style. A Trini cookup (I’ll trying out my new Tobago Habenero spice I got last week on Saltspring), some old-tyme calypso on the decks, followed by a jam session boasting some serious talent.

This is going to be so hot we won’t have fire up the sauna! (don’t worry . . . we will)

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August part 2

Yo big thanks to all those who sweat with us or just hung out with the saunasessions crew at Shambles 2006! The beachside saunatruck kept us warm through rainstorm and cold misty nights on the river. If you have photos of this or other past events, be sure to send us some copies so we can post them here!

This sunday I think we’ll still be on Saltspring island, but there’s some small chance we’ll be back in Van so check here if you’re jonesing for a sweat. Or head to the beach! We should be back here on Sunday the 27th.

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Stream is back

Our apologies, while we were jumping in the glacial rivers at BitF, playing deBocci at soundwave, and relaxing at the beach, the stream was down and I didn’t do shit. Sorry. We didn’t notice. Here in Noha we pick it up on FM 107.3 and it’s still on the air. Anyway, it’s back. Let me know if it happens again.

BitF set a record for warm nighttime temperatures at mile 36, like it was the first time I’ve been there and it wasn’t super chilly at 4am. If it had been cold, and the fireside hottub didn’t warm you up, nor the other Hino hottub, then the sauna was also riverside.

We’re back in Vancouver, so see you soon, or catch saunasessions at Shambhala!

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back in the city

We are back in Vancouver’s Noha for another jam session this sunday so don’t miss it, especially if you’re a good drummer. Or bassist or trumpet.

Big hello to all of you who sweat with us at Soundwave last week. And yes there is a definate possibility that Saunasessions will be at Burn in the Forest this coming friday.

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Sweatwave 2006

Yo this sunday Saunasessions is at Soundwave outside Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, so don’t show up at the house, OK? Sharpie staked us some wik location by the beach, so bring a towel.

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Canada Looong weeekend

Holy fuck was last weekend at funkoree the best shit ever or what? We know it was intense because we broke the top bench in the sauna, but our carpenter Jake has it all fixed now so don’t worry. It’s sunday again, and we’re celebrating the end of Canada and if anyone shows up we’re going to jam all night. If you didn’t get hot enough during the day that’s OK because the sauna will get the last sweat out of you, serious. Bring money and food and drink mixers, but not Clamato, because we still have tons left over from funkoree. Special treats for anyone with a maple leaf shaved in their pubes.

Remember, there’s maybe 10 saunasessions left until it’s all over. So sweat it while it’s hot.

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B Funk Oree

Let me get serious here for a moment. B-Funk is leaving town. Yes, the infamous Bethan Rees. We have one last chance to impress upon her why she should come back as soon as possible, that’s this sunday. Potluk at 8ish, jam session and DJ styles including Woodhead, Jacob Cino, Illesha. Some furious puffdowns.

Also, if you’ve ever been thinking how much you’d like to contribute something back check out our new donation link, particularly if you like sweats, towels, the music here, or if you’ve been thinking why isn’t there a better light in the sauna changeroom.

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