For over almost two decades our organization has been sustained by your support, and to continue we need regular contributions of time and money to meet our goals and operating budget. Your support is essential to ensure the BC Mobile Sauna Society continues to develop and provide unique sauna community experiences. We use these funds to operate and maintain our equipment, to repair, replace and renovate, and to move our saunas to new locations.

We gratefully accept your contributions to support our endeavours. We ask that you make a $5-$10 contribution each time you attend a sauna session. Even better, become a SaunaKeeper and set up a regular online contribution.

Be a SaunaKeeper

The best and easiest way to support the BC Mobile Sauna Society is to make a regular contribution. If you have a credit card or paypal, it’s as easy as following this contribute link. You will be able to contribute a $20 every month automatically.

One-Time Donation

If you would prefer to make a one-time donation of any amount, please click on this donate link. Please add a comment to tell us why the BC Mobile Sauna Society is important to you!

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