This is why the Saunas are MOBILE

First the BAD NEWS.

The weekly sweats are on hiatus until we find a new home for SaunaTruck Mark 2. Due to reasons that are too convoluted and by-law related to bother with here, lets just say that the secret//not-secret weekly sweats will be at a new spot in the future. If you want to know the whole rigamorole, ask me or karlis about it sometime. Needless to say, Heidi and the Hammock Crew are supa sad to see us go, and we are equally bummed about leaving. We love it here!!!!!! BUT, never fear, the mobile sauna is always near.

Now the GOOD NEWS.

We are happy to announce that we are seeking a new glorious home for the saunatruck. Is your back-alley, back yard, or front driveway the next spot for sweat-oriented, healing-core, cedar housed, re-hydrational, community love and weekly wellnessizing? Let us know with an email: ASAP


Become a Member of the BC Mobile Sauna Society! (GO to the “CONTRIBUTE” button on the upper-right part of this page — >

The Society requires extra $ to move it to its next location (towing it will cost a pretty penny!) Also, you may Give us Hugs and put the word out to trusted allies that might be able to secure us a new home.

oh and PS.

Tonight there will be a lovely gathering indoors titled LADY STALLIONS where lost and confused saunaers are encouraged to revel in the lady prowess of local art and music creators.

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