Fixes, Additions, Sauna Community Awesomeness

During our amazing stay at the @Gropps Collective House – Michael Undem, George Rahi, Foss, Ari Feder, and Sawmon + (and many others) pitched in to make a bunch of much needed upgrades to the interior of the truck. With the amount of use the truck was getting weekly it began to show its age. But this  obvious aging turned out to provide an opportunity to evolve the design of the inner spaces of the truck and give an opportunity for the sauna community to give back to the truck that got them sweaty every week.

New cubby-holes, re-enforced benches, new shoe storage, additional space for manoeuvring around the inner door, fixes to the buckling yellow cedar ceiling and right wall (due to moisture) and new cedar finishing to the right side of the exit door. Wow – that was a lot of fixes. Huge thanks to Michael Undem for taking the lead on these improvements, and big thanks to the sauna community for your weekly donations that bought the Marine Plywood and other things used in the construction efforts. Also thanks to George Rahi for the cedar donation and thanks to Gropps for use of the magnificent tool shed. And now for pictures…


20130324_193305 20130207_135156 20130207_131357 20130207_131856 20130207_163510 20130207_151608

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