About the BC Mobile Sauna Society

Here in BC we love the outside but sometimes it’s hard to love the wet weather. It can seem like a long wait through all the cold dark days of winter until we’re once again enjoying good company in the summer heat. No wonder then that we’ve fostered this regular sauna tradition in our community so to get warm again we only have to wait until the next sunday night sauna.

Since 2000 saunasessions has fostered a unique community in BC. We’ve been building and operating mobile saunas and hosting unique sauna events. Our events include weekly intimate house parties in East Van, renegade missions to waterfront locations, and dozens of installations at music festivals throughout southern BC.¬†Saunasessions has built (or rebuilt) 5 mobile saunas and shared them with our community. Saunasessions also operates a mobile sauna website, a blog and a music podcast accessed by people from all over the globe. If you’re one of the thousands of people who have attended some of our events over the years, you will already know how an unlikely sauna can turn an amazing experience into something extraordinary.

We develop community bonds through shared experience and lowering barriers to meaningful interaction. our healthy socialization model promotes wellness, healthly living, rich conversations, body acceptance, spiritual awareness, interpersonal trust, and of course, fun and happiness in an open, inclusive, non-judgemental atmosphere.¬†We have a very strong appreciation of the local environment, both urban and wilderness, in all sorts of weather, any time of year. It’s why we endeavour to make experiencing the BC climate more comfortable and enjoyable year-round, so we can appreciate swimming in glacial rivers, frozen outdoor BBQs and rainy back alleys like a little vacation right at home with all your friends to share it with you. We’d like to keep developing mobile sauna projects, improving the saunasessions experience, and building this community.

Catch up on the latest BCMSS news in our blog, read more about our saunas, or have a look at some other mobile saunas around the world.

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