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Funkoree 2007 Lost on a deserted island

2007-funkoree-deserted-isla.jpgGet lost on a deserted island for a few days.

ghetto, woodhead, ill-esha, steamboat fattie, milton, k-tel, hebegebe, j-coda, major tom, karlis and mc cedar, robbie luv dub, sharpie, pandora springs, micheal red, max ulis, abasi, auben, craig mullin, chili.

visuals by terra belle, technomorph and electrabelle

– yacht rock regalia
– tiki party
– debocci ball
– pirate booty
– stoned badminton
– calypso and soca carnival
– sauna on location

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Saunasessions.ca Live at RIME June 18

The saunasessions.ca all-stars team up again to make RIME sweat. djs ill-esha, woodhead, ghetto and Karlis plus Pandora Springs. Bring a towel the sauna will be hot and parked out back. Not a night to miss!

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Saunasessions.ca Live @ RIME May 28th

tribal bellydancers: Amber and Laura
live band: Pandora Springs
djs: Hebegebe, Woodhead, Ghetto and Steamboat Fatty

Monday May 28TH 2007 @ RIME
1130 Commercial Drive2007-rime-saunasessions-may.jpg

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Two Times in the Sauna

So not only did our last evening of sweat at Rime go off but we managed to record some bootlegs for posterity. This is Pandora Springs gold right here.

A reinterpretation of a Woodhead classic:

Rising Heat

So romantic:

I Can’t Sauna Without You

I love this track Pauly slays it on guitar:

a nice pre last song of the night interlude:
Two Times in the Sauna

I think this one is Darren’s favourite. Dubtastic:

Water on the Rocks

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TONIGHT!! APR9th Saunasessions.ca live at RIME

2007-rime-easter-sauna.gif Tonight!!! Saunasessions.ca LIVE!


Pandora springs(live sauna band)
ill-esha + jo mega
steamboat fattie

Sauna on Location BYO Towel

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Drug Peace Art Auction

Drug Peace Art Auction

A benefit for the
Herb School

Friday, March 23, 2007

Auction starts at 8PM

Art by Ken Foster, Bob High,
Dave Douglas, John Walkus,
Scotty, Robin, Reed, Rasta

Irie eats by Lux Nouvelle Cuisine

Aphrodisiac booth by Aphrodite’s

Music by DJ Woodhead, DJ Karlis
and the Pandora Springs band

Sauna Truck ­ BYO towel

1820 Pandora St.
– alley entrance

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Hammamonday at Rime

Saunasessions is back at at Rime this Monday March 12 for a sweat event in a Turkish restaurant, and Turk+Sweat=Hammam. Witness the return of MC Cedar, the Sultans of Sweat aka Pandora Springs on stage, and DJs Woodhead, Steamboat Fatty, Ghetto will keep the chairs empty and the dancefloor packed. We got the sauna out back, so bring a towel.

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Saunasessions.ca Live a tribute to the godfather of sweat

On Monday February 19th we get down and funky paying tribute to the godfather of soul and sweat Mr. James Brown.

Join the sauna all star band Pandora Springs with djs Woodhead, Ghetto, Steamboat Fatty, Karlis and MCeder. this will be a sweat filled night.

yes the sauna will be there

Last month we raised money for a killer mobile shower and sauna truck insurance. Our goal this time is to raise enough money to pay for this website and insurance! If you can’t make the show and you still want to contribute. please donate through paypal to keep this website online and the truck on the road. THANK YOU!


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What Is Pandora Springs??

These pictures will fill you in on the details of Pandora Springs’ debut performance at RIME on January 15th 2007 with Ill-esha, Steamboat Fatty, Woodhead and Ghetto. These guys are crazy. They got up on stage still sweating from the sauna wearing towels!!

Read on for more pictures.

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Saunasessions at Rime

2007rime-saunasessions-nigh.jpg Saunasessions has gone public! Join us this January 15th @ Rime on Commercial Drive for a saunasession like no other.

Entertainment by:

Pandora Springs(sauna band)
Steamboat Fatty
Karlis and MCeder

Bring a towel. Sauna will be on location.

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