Mobile Sauna: Artist in Residence at The Hammock, Vancouver, BC. Sept 2011 – May 2012


We have been enjoying being the Artist in Residence at The Hammock. Karlis built a new mobile shower for outdoor bathers and we have been making some safety and style improvements that have been long overdue. Solar charger for the secondary battery array, new grip tape for the wooden stairs, and new modular lighting rig.

The Coordinator of the Hammock Residency, Heidi Nagtegaal, asked to write a little something about this ongoing pleasure project, and the following is what we submitted for her website.

We built a SaunaTruck. Several, in fact. We roll them around and sweat by the ocean, in parks, in backyards, and up in the mountains by rivers and lakes. Our current mobile sauna is made inside of an Antique 1970’s Hino KL Cargo Truck and you can see it under construction. It has a change room in the entrance and a sauna that seats 6-14 people (14 is very friendly). It gets really hot and the red cedar feels amazing inside. Cedar is quite the healing material. The SaunaTruck is sometimes available for rentals. Keep in mind that it’s a very old and temperamental truck; but we do love parties and festivals and weddings and full moon gatherings and all sorts of stuff like that. We’ve been having weekly sunday saunasessions since 2001. You may have been already.  Some sessions are huge and awesome, some are small and awesome. They are in various locations with various intentions. Some are dance parties, some are potlucks, or live jams, or tea parties, or booze-ups. We’ve also seen maybe more mobile saunas than you can imagine, and we’ve got the biggest photo gallery of mobile saunas anywhere. Got some ideas or want more information? — Adrian (Prof. Prawns) Sinclair & Karlis (Count Snacky) Kalnins
Adrian (Prof. Prawns) Sinclair — Besides co-curating Mobile Sauna Truck Happenings, Adrian has been staging Guerilla Freestyle-Rap interventions via Sound Bike with the Freestyle Focus Group FFG, growing and fermenting various foods, Serving Tea with the RYTWM Project, and doing activist and communications work for arts and non-profit groups like [PIVOT Legal, GREENPEACE, 45WEST STUDIOS and Wilderness Committee]. He is an amateur entho-botanist-forager, an academically trained philosopher and a children’s zine writer. He lives in eastvan with his jade plant Maurice M P.
Karlis (Count Snacky) Kalnins — Karlis Kalnins is based in Vancouver where he bio-intensively gardens, builds mobile bike-based sound systems, freestyle raps, develops his skills in mycology, and is co-director of the newly founded BC Tea Growers Association. His past works in the arts contributed to the early formations of locative media art in Canada. In 2001 Karlis founded the Locative Media Lab with Marc Tuters to explore the field of user generated cartography. These efforts resulting in GPSter (2001), Geograffiti (2002) and now Where-FI (2003). His work has been presented internationally at conferences and new media festivals including: IMPAKT (Utrecht), Media Architecture (Riga), Collaborative Cartography (London), VSMM (Berkeley + Montreal), Next 5 Minutes, E-Culture Fair (Amsterdam) and others.


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