H3t Sauna Trailer


Praha, Czech Republic

The crew at H3T may be the most prolific and original mobile sauna development team in the world. They have 4 lightweight mobile saunas so far, including a flying (suspension) sauna, a floating sauna, a bike sauna and this small trailer sauna. They’ve since built another sauna trailer with a cylindrical design similar to their bike sauna trailer, and they’ve also made plans for another floating sauna. We look forward to more of their upcoming work.

We brought a sauna to MFDF 2010 in Jihlava.

We got an old barely functional trailer that we decided to transform into a
chassis of a new mobile sauna. As usual we worked with simple materials.
You get in from the back. A stove is placed above the thill. There are two
benches where you can sit sideways to the direction of travel.

We wouldn’t recommend using sauna while traveling though.

And finally a good news: this sauna just moves away when moronic gangbangers
turn up.

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