Sauna Residencies 2001-2019

Sauna Residencies 2001-2019

Since 2001 we’ve been fortunate to have some amazing hosted residencies for our ongoing social practice of regular weekly sauna sessions around East Vancouver. Some of these were long-term installations that lasted for several years, some were only for a partial season. Here’s a (probably incomplete) list. Dates are approximate. This map doesn’t include festivals, rentals and events, or residencies outside Vancouver; hopefully we’ll see what that map looks like in a future post. Did I forget any? Let me know.

Sauna House: (815 East Georgia Street) Hosted by residents, including Karlis, Darren and Trish. 2001-2003

West Belt House: (1488 East Broadway) Hosted by Rambles and Prawns. 2003-2005

Pandora Benevolent Society: (2054 Pandora Street) Hosted by residents, including Karlis, Darren, Trish and Luke. 2003-2007

121 Heatley. Hosted by Karlis, Adrian, Geri. 2010

(Kamloops & East Georgia Street) Hosted by Karlis and Trish. 2007-2012

1610 Gravely: Hosted by Fiona. 2012

Gropp’s Gallery: (144 East 6th Ave) Hosted by George, Jen, Foss 2013

Hammock Residency: (Victoria & Gravely Street) Hosted by Adrian and Heidi. 2013-2014

Red Gate: (859 East Hastings) Hosted by Adrian. 2014

(3263 Matapan Crescent) Hosted by Desiree & Yossi 2015

891 East Pender Street: Hosted by Blake and Lisa. 2014-2017

George’s Shop: (Woodland & Venables Street) Hosted by George and Robyn 2014-2016

(2981 McGill Street) Hosted by Negin. 2017

Strathcona Park (857 Malkin Avenue): Hosted by Arielle. 2017

Crystal’s: (22nd & Victoria Drive) Hosted by Carly and Crystal. 2017-2018

(5th & Nanaimo Street) Hosted by Shredder & Adam. 2018-2019

19th & Gladstone St: Hosted by Kari. 2019

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