Sauna Season 2019

There’s lots of sauna activity going on this season.

SaunaLab: formerly the SaunaTruck, in 2018 we liberated the box from the truck. The box is now transported by crane truck when it’s time for a new residency, which is ultimately less expensive than maintaining the old Hino truck and allows us to focus on sauna upgrades rather than truck repair. This sauna is in a new location in the Trout Lake area (Dec 2019) and will be hosting regular sessions.

SaunaBus: 2018/2019 was a tough year for the SaunaBus. On-street parking in Vancouver led to repeated break-ins and vandalizations. This was followed by a complete engine failure. Currently the SaunaBus is indefinitely retired to a safe off-street location in Burnaby. The sauna is used occasionally by property residents.

SaunaTent: currently in storage in East Van, waiting for a new residency.

PentaSaunaGon (AKA George’s 5-Sided Sauna): One of our directors recently acquired a new sauna, set up in the former studio workshop location of the SaunaTent. It’s an interesting pre-fabricated modular sauna made by a (now defunct) company in Windlaw BC called EuroSauna, and it’s our first electric-heater sauna. We just completed the shower unit and had some test sweats, and we’re now planning some lighting upgrades.

We currently don’t have any easily-mobile saunas available for events or rentals. There are fortunately several other mobile saunas available for rent in Vancouver. In fact in the last few years there’s been lots of new sauna options added to the Vancouver area, including Scandinave, Art of Sauna, and renovations to the Hastings Steam and Sauna. We’re looking forward to visiting the Lost Faucet in Courtney BC. There’s also lots of new mobile saunas around, like the AnglerFish Sauna in Washington, AlpenGlow in Victoria, SaunaStoke in Revelstoke, and theFinnishSaunaBC here in Vancouver.

You may have seen a big media splash recently when a video produced by our friend Bryce and the CBC about our SaunaBus trip to Harrison Mills was reposted on lots of websites:
CBC, VancouverIsAwesome, Best In Sauna, Megaphone, New West Record

You can see the video “Sweat Together” here:

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