Gabriola Sauna

Sauna Trailer Gabriola

Sauna Trailer Gabriola

Now that the days are lighter we had a chance to get a better photo of our sauna trailer on Gabriola Island. Sauna host Megan has done a lovely job clearing a little spot out of the forest by her cabin home which you can see in the background of this photo. You can also see the shower setup, stairs, decking, and string lights she’s set up in the sauna zone, where you can listen to hooting owls and frogsong as you steam into the night air. Megan also makes an awesome apple crumble.

This was the first sauna for the BCMSS, built in December 2000, and it continues to bring the heat on sunday nights sessions.

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BCMSS board meeting

It’s not all sweats n’ giggles around here, we have to get serious every so often. Feb 27 was our most recent BCMSS board meeting where we review our budget, expenses and upcoming plans with full attendance from the BoD: VP Adrian Sinclair, Heidi Nagtegaal, George Rahi and myself. Here’s a nice photo of the BoD happily concluding the meeting:
BCMSS BoD 2014
After the meeting we had a good sweat to test out the newest sauna in our fleet which we will probably call the tent sauna. We should probably do a post about that but for now here’s a photo of the benches:
Sauna benches

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Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter

Newsletter 2013/2014

Newsletter 2013/2014

This year’s BCMSS newsletter is ready, we’ll be emailing it out shortly. You can also download it here

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Sauna Truck on Shaw TV

Our friend Jen at Shaw TV just finished a video segment on the sauna Truck featuring Karlis Kalnins and Adrian Sinclair.

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NYD 2014

New Years Day sweat 2014

New Years Day sweat 2014

As per tradition we celebrated New Years Day with a sweat commemorating our 13th January 1 saunasession. Some of the crew posed for an after-sweat photo, you can tell there’s some steam involved.

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Sauna Chicken

sauna chickenHere’s Megan and Sauna Chicken learning how to fire up the sauna. Yesterday we relocated our Gabriola Island sauna outstation to a new residency at Megan’s place. Sauna Chicken came by but was a bit too enthusiastic and tried to climb up into the stove. Whoa, the sauna door is at the back, buddy! That’s what happens when you miss the first part of the tour. Also, feathers and fur are not permitted in the sauna.



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Sauna Residency Preparation



You might think it’s all sweat and games here at the BC Mobile Sauna Society, but being mobile sometimes means going where no sauna has gone before. Last week our sauna site prep team took down a fence and did some aggressive fig tree pruning to get our new location ready for sauna season. It’s one of the nicest and most central locations we’ve ever been and we’re very excited to move the truck in and get our sweat on.

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Fixes, Additions, Sauna Community Awesomeness

During our amazing stay at the @Gropps Collective House – Michael Undem, George Rahi, Foss, Ari Feder, and Sawmon + (and many others) pitched in to make a bunch of much needed upgrades to the interior of the truck. With the amount of use the truck was getting weekly it began to show its age. But this  obvious aging turned out to provide an opportunity to evolve the design of the inner spaces of the truck and give an opportunity for the sauna community to give back to the truck that got them sweaty every week.

New cubby-holes, re-enforced benches, new shoe storage, additional space for manoeuvring around the inner door, fixes to the buckling yellow cedar ceiling and right wall (due to moisture) and new cedar finishing to the right side of the exit door. Wow – that was a lot of fixes. Huge thanks to Michael Undem for taking the lead on these improvements, and big thanks to the sauna community for your weekly donations that bought the Marine Plywood and other things used in the construction efforts. Also thanks to George Rahi for the cedar donation and thanks to Gropps for use of the magnificent tool shed. And now for pictures…


20130324_193305 20130207_135156 20130207_131357 20130207_131856 20130207_163510 20130207_151608

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Sauna Docking

Sauna Dock Contruction

Sauna Dock Contruction

Here’s Adrian pondering the next move in our latest contruction project. Our new spring residency at the Rainbow Connection has been very exciting to say the least but the entrance connection to the sauna needed some work. It’s a complicated affair, with the grubby alley, the loading bay and the parking limitations. We decided at a docking bridge from the loading bay right to the sauna door would work best in the circumstances. We added some handrails and on Sunday nights we rig up a privacy screen so it’s right from the sauna into the loading bay and thence the shower. It’s actually very lovely. Thanks to the RC crew for all their understanding and support during our residency! Next month we’ll start our (partial) summer hiatus, but first there’s some work to be done on the Hino.

saunadock from the loading bay

saunadock from the loading bay

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Sauna Truck April 3rd 2013: All Night Beach Mission

Sauna Truck City Beach Mission – Hightide, 4am ocean skinny dips,  starry night sky, boombox playing dirty dancing and 90s’s mix tapes, car loads of sweaty naked folks, Hino KL Sauna Truck,  fully customized 35foot red ‘spaceship’ bus, hot steamy mulled spiced boozy cider, magnificent tree exhaled air, deep black night, ominous twinkling cargo and oil tankers in the inlet, the city in the distance, the mobile sauna session was in full swing from 8pm sharp till 5am soft.

Infinite thank you’s to the trees, the land, the birds and the people who made it a sublime evening. Below are a few images from the night taken by a new saunagoer, Scott Armstrong.

Info on the event here.

spanish aps 3 adrian and karlis

candle lit mulled cider bar outside the back of the truck

spanish apr 3 bar

impromptu midnight beach picnic

spanish apr 3 bus mc bagfoot

post sweat chill zone in the ‘spaceship’ school bus parked next to the sauna truck

spanish apr 3 neighbour think tank bus

pre sweat hydration session n the spaceship bus

spanish apr 3 andi crew

friends stoked for beach mission sweat

spanish apr 3 brandy

caught snacking

spanish apr 3 c

the door is open, come sweat!

spanish apr 3 b

candles, smiles and $5 donations!

spanish apr 3 a

our view from the sauna

spanish apr 3

view of the north shore from the sauna

spanish april 3

where we were swimming all night

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