Winter Newsletter 2012/2013

Winter 2012/2013 Newsletter

Winter 2012/2013 Newsletter

The latest newsletter that we’ll be spamming all our members with is now available. In this issue:
Letter to supporters
The Hammock Story
SaunaTruck Update
Mobile Sauna Book
Gabriola Island Sauna
Bike Trailer Sauna
Society News
Support the BCMSS

Download the awesome pdf version or wait for the email!

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SaunaTruck lives!

Erin, Jen (& Lavie), Karlis and George position the Saunatruck at Gropps

Erin, Jen (& Lavie), Karlis and George position the Saunatruck at Gropps

If you know the truck then you know that sound! The “white cloud of death” is finally gone, our fuel injector is finally rebuilt and installed properly, and we’re back on the road. The crew at Hino Vancouver helped us get the pump installation issues sorted out. The engine hasn’t sounded this good since 2008! Huge thanks for your donations over the past year that enabled us to do this, because 40-year-old trucks are kinda needy.

Anyway, now that the truck moves, what of it? If you’re down with the sunday nights you probably already know we’re at Gropps Gallery off Main St this season until April. Contact us if you need more details. The Gropps crew is super rad, you know those artist types, there’s always something new going on. Adrian is also planning some Spanish Banks mobile missions now that we’re mobile again, so stay tuned for updates.

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Sweaty Bones

Our Hammock Residency host Heidi hosted another of her famous dance parties this weekend, this time at the new space for the recently reno-victed Dynamo gallery. With a name like “sweaty bones” the event had to feature a saunasessions installation put together by Adrian and George. George provided some amazing vintage cedar to go with Adrian’s heat lamp and some towels, and thus the party DJs had a sauna go-go backdrop all night. Do these photos make any sense?

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Gabriola Sessions!!

If you read the newsletter last winter you’d know we were working on getting a mobile sauna over to Gabriola Island. One of our first pre-saunasessions saunasessions was on Gabriola Island back in 1997, so it seemed like a good place to continue with our island invasion plan. Remember our epic New Years mission to Vancouver Island?

Anyway with the beginning of sauna season in September, saunasessions auxiliaries Gabe, Sal and Lincoln hitched up Lincoln’s truck (which smokes almost as much as the Hino) to the trailer containing our original 2001 sauna. The new trailer jack got bent in the removal from yard (and the neighbour’s lawns got some tire treatments),during a a very tricky extraction procedure. A perilous and remarkable ride to Horseshoe Bay elicited many shouts and honks (of support and goodwill, we presume) before the truck and trailer made it on the ferry to Nanaimo and then the Quinsam to Gabriola. This location is fantastic, in the forest, outdoor shower under the moon and the stars. If some sunday you are on Gabriola, or plan to be, contact one of the crew for details on attending a session.

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Kinda Mobile (but we’re working on it)

We did manage to get the truck out with a little help. We’re still trying to get the truck fully operational after the fuel injector pump kicked it. We rebuilt it last fall but didn’t install it correctly, as I now find out. So it’s in the shop and big hopes we’re back on the road soon. Wait for updates from the mechanics committee.

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This is why the Saunas are MOBILE

First the BAD NEWS.

The weekly sweats are on hiatus until we find a new home for SaunaTruck Mark 2. Due to reasons that are too convoluted and by-law related to bother with here, lets just say that the secret//not-secret weekly sweats will be at a new spot in the future. If you want to know the whole rigamorole, ask me or karlis about it sometime. Needless to say, Heidi and the Hammock Crew are supa sad to see us go, and we are equally bummed about leaving. We love it here!!!!!! BUT, never fear, the mobile sauna is always near.

Now the GOOD NEWS.

We are happy to announce that we are seeking a new glorious home for the saunatruck. Is your back-alley, back yard, or front driveway the next spot for sweat-oriented, healing-core, cedar housed, re-hydrational, community love and weekly wellnessizing? Let us know with an email: ASAP


Become a Member of the BC Mobile Sauna Society! (GO to the “CONTRIBUTE” button on the upper-right part of this page — >

The Society requires extra $ to move it to its next location (towing it will cost a pretty penny!) Also, you may Give us Hugs and put the word out to trusted allies that might be able to secure us a new home.

oh and PS.

Tonight there will be a lovely gathering indoors titled LADY STALLIONS where lost and confused saunaers are encouraged to revel in the lady prowess of local art and music creators.

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Sauna Truck // CBC RADIO North By Northwest // Featured in Hammock Residency Story

It was a sunny afternoon in May when Heidi let me know that the CBC Radio show, North By Northwest was doing feature story on the Hammock Residency and its artists. I was lucky to be available for the interview//hangout//hummus and rice cracker eating party.What follows is a lovely aural tour of some of the voices of artists who are currently in-residence as well as past and future ones.  Sauna related chatting starts at about 5:40, but first you must hear from Heidi to get an idea of how special the truck’s current habitat is.

LISTEN HERE: | North by Northwest | The Hammock Residency.

SURF HERE: Hammock Residency 

hammock residency

hammock residency living room

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Deep Cleaned the Sauna Sparkly Cedar Eucalyptus Magnificent

What is it with people named Meaghan and how they all have such sauna greatness in their sweat?

Meaghan Orlinski, the newest sauna hero in our midst: provided the muscle and meticulousness to get Sauna III @ The Hammock Residency into sparkly red cedar gleam yesterday eve prior to another well attended sweat.

The BC Mobile Sauna Society Presents:

How To Clean Your 3 Tonne Mobile Sauna in 2hrs

Step One – Get a really badass flood light (blinding level)
Step Two – Hot water, soap, and scrubbies and a bucket
Step Three – Remove all benches and really get-in there
Step Four – Scrape, laugh and grunt the detritus out
Step Five – Hose it down, eh?
Step Five – Fire up the rocks and heat it up!

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Winter Newsletter!

If you haven’t already seen it the Winter 2011-2012 newsletter pdf is out! We’re really excited about it because it looks amazing and it’s got all the latest BCMSS news. View it, print it out, show your friends!

BCMSS Winter 2011/2012 Newsletter

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New Years Sweat: 11 years of Saunasessions

Jan 1 was our traditional new years day sweat. This year was co-hosted in East Van by the Hammock Residency and the Slivovica house who were conveniently having a balkan jam session right next door. Special bonus: new changeroom lighting! Thanks to all for the good times. We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

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