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Sauna Truck April 3rd 2013: All Night Beach Mission

Sauna Truck City Beach Mission – Hightide, 4am ocean skinny dips,  starry night sky, boombox playing dirty dancing and 90s’s mix tapes, car loads of sweaty naked folks, Hino KL Sauna Truck,  fully customized 35foot red ‘spaceship’ bus, hot steamy mulled spiced boozy cider, magnificent tree exhaled air, deep black night, ominous twinkling cargo and oil tankers in the inlet, the city in the distance, the mobile sauna session was in full swing from 8pm sharp till 5am soft.

Infinite thank you’s to the trees, the land, the birds and the people who made it a sublime evening. Below are a few images from the night taken by a new saunagoer, Scott Armstrong.

Info on the event here.

spanish aps 3 adrian and karlis

candle lit mulled cider bar outside the back of the truck

spanish apr 3 bar

impromptu midnight beach picnic

spanish apr 3 bus mc bagfoot

post sweat chill zone in the ‘spaceship’ school bus parked next to the sauna truck

spanish apr 3 neighbour think tank bus

pre sweat hydration session n the spaceship bus

spanish apr 3 andi crew

friends stoked for beach mission sweat

spanish apr 3 brandy

caught snacking

spanish apr 3 c

the door is open, come sweat!

spanish apr 3 b

candles, smiles and $5 donations!

spanish apr 3 a

our view from the sauna

spanish apr 3

view of the north shore from the sauna

spanish april 3

where we were swimming all night

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Deep Cleaned the Sauna Sparkly Cedar Eucalyptus Magnificent

What is it with people named Meaghan and how they all have such sauna greatness in their sweat?

Meaghan Orlinski, the newest sauna hero in our midst: provided the muscle and meticulousness to get Sauna III @ The Hammock Residency into sparkly red cedar gleam yesterday eve prior to another well attended sweat.

The BC Mobile Sauna Society Presents:

How To Clean Your 3 Tonne Mobile Sauna in 2hrs

Step One – Get a really badass flood light (blinding level)
Step Two – Hot water, soap, and scrubbies and a bucket
Step Three – Remove all benches and really get-in there
Step Four – Scrape, laugh and grunt the detritus out
Step Five – Hose it down, eh?
Step Five – Fire up the rocks and heat it up!

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