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Deep Cleaned the Sauna Sparkly Cedar Eucalyptus Magnificent

What is it with people named Meaghan and how they all have such sauna greatness in their sweat?

Meaghan Orlinski, the newest sauna hero in our midst: provided the muscle and meticulousness to get Sauna III @ The Hammock Residency into sparkly red cedar gleam yesterday eve prior to another well attended sweat.

The BC Mobile Sauna Society Presents:

How To Clean Your 3 Tonne Mobile Sauna in 2hrs

Step One – Get a really badass flood light (blinding level)
Step Two – Hot water, soap, and scrubbies and a bucket
Step Three – Remove all benches and really get-in there
Step Four – Scrape, laugh and grunt the detritus out
Step Five – Hose it down, eh?
Step Five – Fire up the rocks and heat it up!

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