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We’ve got dimmers!

We had a bit of an open house here at the new space on saturday, but the real action is at the after-after-afterparty on sunday night.

Gregory treated us to some mixes off his iPhaser while he installed some new lighting fixtures, then Dunks showed up and dropped this mellow set to take us into the AM:

Definately post-sauna.

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We have sectionals

We just finished a little inaugural warming of our new heatley headquarters. We got the truck duck-taped to the loading bay to keep out that sketchy breeze. We have sectionals. We ate some tacos. Woodhead brought in the decks old school style with protoge Dj Brenda who doesn’t give a shit what you think and she has a python. So watch out.

I think, it’s possible, that Woodhead recorded a set or two sometime during the night. Maybe check back for that one.

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Victoria NYE Saunatour

Saunacrew just finished an epic 3-sweat tour of Victoria starting with the castle on NYE in Metchosin, jam sess in Sooke and a 2 night double header in Fernwood in Victoria. I can hear your question already: What kind of bathroom do they have in a vancouver island castle? Heated floors, jacuzzi tubs, double headed showers and supermodels. We like island life. We will be back.

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Return of Sauna Season 2009

We just finished a trilogy of special Spanish Banks missions with the saunatruck. If you are unfamiliar with the experience of steaming naked on the beach at -8c in December sipping hot mulled cider and admiring a gorgeous view of the north shore mountains and downtown Vancouver, we may yet be back there in January, and you may yet get your chance.

More trilogies! We had a triplet of old school sunday night jam sessions including the all synth jam, I think we had like 10 synths going here. I don’t know how we fit it in this place but the next week we had 2 simultaneous jams going – acoustic folk jam in the kitchen and amped freestyle in the livingroom. The soundclash was a bit much till everyone in the kitchen hit the sauna.

Starting in January we’re going to be at the new saunsessions HQ at the (as yet unnamed) place in Railtown on Sundays so don’t freak out the new residents of the old sauna house by walking in their back door on some cold sunday night. This new place is big (4x!) and amazing (5x!) and I’m really excited to put the heat back in Heatley Ave.

So there’s just one more session for 2009, and probably the last at the georgia house. We’re going to close it out bigtime! See you tonight!

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Return of Island Butt

A little mid-week special session to welcome back Prawns to Vancouver after a 2-year leave got really serious. So much tea, chocolate and reefer that we had Woodhead busting his gut all night. We were all really impressed with our cleverness at the time, but maybe it was the moment. Just to give you an idea, Prawns was so high he put lapsang suchong in the tiequanyin pot. At least we hatched some new plans to sweat down at spanish banks, so stay tuned. . .

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Funkoree 2007 Lost on a deserted island

2007-funkoree-deserted-isla.jpgGet lost on a deserted island for a few days.

ghetto, woodhead, ill-esha, steamboat fattie, milton, k-tel, hebegebe, j-coda, major tom, karlis and mc cedar, robbie luv dub, sharpie, pandora springs, micheal red, max ulis, abasi, auben, craig mullin, chili.

visuals by terra belle, technomorph and electrabelle

– yacht rock regalia
– tiki party
– debocci ball
– pirate booty
– stoned badminton
– calypso and soca carnival
– sauna on location

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Saunasessions.ca Live at RIME June 18

The saunasessions.ca all-stars team up again to make RIME sweat. djs ill-esha, woodhead, ghetto and Karlis plus Pandora Springs. Bring a towel the sauna will be hot and parked out back. Not a night to miss!

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Saunasessions.ca Live @ RIME May 28th

tribal bellydancers: Amber and Laura
live band: Pandora Springs
djs: Hebegebe, Woodhead, Ghetto and Steamboat Fatty

Monday May 28TH 2007 @ RIME
1130 Commercial Drive2007-rime-saunasessions-may.jpg

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Two Times in the Sauna

So not only did our last evening of sweat at Rime go off but we managed to record some bootlegs for posterity. This is Pandora Springs gold right here.

A reinterpretation of a Woodhead classic:

Rising Heat

So romantic:

I Can’t Sauna Without You

I love this track Pauly slays it on guitar:

a nice pre last song of the night interlude:
Two Times in the Sauna

I think this one is Darren’s favourite. Dubtastic:

Water on the Rocks

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TONIGHT!! APR9th Saunasessions.ca live at RIME

2007-rime-easter-sauna.gif Tonight!!! Saunasessions.ca LIVE!


Pandora springs(live sauna band)
ill-esha + jo mega
steamboat fattie

Sauna on Location BYO Towel

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