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Return of Sauna Season 2009

We just finished a trilogy of special Spanish Banks missions with the saunatruck. If you are unfamiliar with the experience of steaming naked on the beach at -8c in December sipping hot mulled cider and admiring a gorgeous view of the north shore mountains and downtown Vancouver, we may yet be back there in January, and you may yet get your chance.

More trilogies! We had a triplet of old school sunday night jam sessions including the all synth jam, I think we had like 10 synths going here. I don’t know how we fit it in this place but the next week we had 2 simultaneous jams going – acoustic folk jam in the kitchen and amped freestyle in the livingroom. The soundclash was a bit much till everyone in the kitchen hit the sauna.

Starting in January we’re going to be at the new saunsessions HQ at the (as yet unnamed) place in Railtown on Sundays so don’t freak out the new residents of the old sauna house by walking in their back door on some cold sunday night. This new place is big (4x!) and amazing (5x!) and I’m really excited to put the heat back in Heatley Ave.

So there’s just one more session for 2009, and probably the last at the georgia house. We’re going to close it out bigtime! See you tonight!

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Mobilisauna with Hot Tub

Sauna and Hot tub trailer

Sauna and Hot tub trailer
Paimio, Finland

From Heikki Halkosaari we have this mobiilisauna which is as far as we know the second mobile sauna/hottub combo trailer in the world (the other being “the Ark” in Oregon, USA). So check it out, sauna plus hot tub and fold-out deck action. Two wood stoves, one for the sauna, and one immersed in the tub. 220 litre water tank and the 2100 litre tub seats 6 (maybe 10 for us, hey?). LED mood lighting. Roll up with this craft and you will impress your friends bigtime.

By now, mobile saunas are like common and kinda boring in Finland. If you want to impress people you have to try a little harder. The mobilisauna crew is impressive, even by Finnish standards. First, they have only the second sauna/hottub trailer we know of (after the Ark in Oregon). Second, they have an innovative fold-out deck system on their trailer, and third, on their website it looks like they’ve build a whole bunch of mobile saunas, so they are no one-hit wonders. They are professionals and they will bring you delicious authentic Thai cuisine while you are in the tub.

The Mobile Sauna is a transportable combination of sauna and a spa.

With this unique combination of the traditional Finnish sauna and spa you can surprise your friends or clients where ever the venue might be, if you’re thinking of getting a sauna or spa why not hire one first? Just brilliant!

Warning! You don’t wont to give it back – it’s just simply fantastic and very addictive! Any vehicle that has a towing capacity of 1200kg can transport Mobile Sauna.

MEASUREMENTS -Seating for 3-5 persons -TraditionalFinnish wood operated sauna stove with a glass door – Led lighting – 220-liter water tank

SPA TUB – Measurements… – Seating for 6-8 persons – Tub has been covered with waterproof plastic material – 2100l capacity – Led lighting – wood stove heater

TOTAL SPECIFICATIONS – Weight 1200 kg – Measurements – Trailer with brakes – Transportation ONLY WHEN EMPTY OF WATER

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Oasis Express


Oasis Express

Oregon, USA
Oregon, USA

Being from the west coast, I don’t get much into aesthetic of some of the corporate logo-style mobile saunas. That’s why I think the crafter’s collective crew at Oasis Express is the real deal, they take mobile saunas to the level of total experience. The vehicle choice is fabulous (1968 aluminum airstream overlander trailer), interior woodwork is impeccable, and the lighting is dialed inside and out. Oasis Express adds to this a spa/lounge concept, rolling up to outdoor festivals and providing sauna, shower, lounge and tea service. They have intention! Check this out:

“Through service, creativity, and intention, the Oasis invokes a sense of well-being, transformation, and luxury. It is our purpose and joy to serve the community, the earth, and spirit.”

Oasis Express hits all the west coast festivals, including Burning Man in Nevada, so when they set up they are just down the road from big sound systems and DJs and a few hundred or more of the freakiest west coast tribal hippies you could imagine. They have the mandalas to prove it. Seriously, I wish we were this good.

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Kompak Easyjet Marketing sauna

Promotional Sauna

Promotional Sauna

It’s missing a wall, and the steam and the stove are fake, but it looks like a sauna and it’s on a trailer. It’s also the only thing close to a mobile sauna in the UK (that we know of). A lot of the mobile sauna builders here have trouble getting girls to pose with them in their sauna pictures. The people at easyJet just hire some “bikini clad babes” and pay them to wear branded towels.

Stuck for a new idea for your 2009 trade shows or exhibitions? We might just have the answer for you!

We were asked by London PR Agency Beattie Communications to come up with a novel way of promoting their new client easyJet. They wanted us to build a mobile sauna complete with smoke effects, lighting hot coals, internal benches and lighting to transport a team of scantily clad models around London and they wanted it within the week.

Amid much whining by the guys in the warehouse, we cracked open another industrial sized tub of midnight oil and worked through the night to produce the 5 metre long PR trailer in time for the product launch. Oddly enough, finding someone to drive the tow vehicle and 15 seater minibus to transport the partially clothed models around London wasn

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Sauna Gondola

Sauna gondola

Sauna gondola

The sauna gondola operates in Ylläs ski-resort, Lapland, Finland.

Haven’t tried the sauna since it’s very expensive. Supposingly targeted for corporate occasions/use only. Runs only in evenings when slopes are closed. Takes four persons. Service combined to sauna house with washing rooms, relaxing room with fireplace and sauna for 12 persons. Building is placed on top of the hill/fell as a part of the upper gondola station. Great views! Lots of snow to roll in. A hot tub is also planned beside.


sauna gondola inside

sauna gondola inside

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