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Saunukkah Jam

Ok have you ever been to Jason E’s latke party, this annual event to mark Jason’s departure for the east, where latkes are served all day with a wide variety of vegan toppings and good times all round? I wait all year for this party and I start thinking about the next one as soon as I wake up the next day. The only thing that comes a close second is the Latke afterparty, also known as Saunukkah, and especially if Jason E himself shows up and throws down on the mic:

Saunukkah Jam with Jason E

If your sweaty soul is in need of saving, maybe MC Cedar can help you:

Sauna Saviour with MC Cedar

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Holy Jam Sessions

The sauna jam sessions have returned! Thanks to all the great players over the last few weeks, including T. Fraze on vibes, Jason E on trumpet and of course MC Cedar.

Get ready for an exciting December sauna season, this week we’re hosting a special Saunukkah for the aftermath of Jason E’s Latke party, there’s been some rumours of a sauna solstace special session somewhere on the 21st, December 25 is the Baby Jesus is Born evening for stranded orphans, a possible return to Intention (back after 3 years?), and don’t forget our traditional January 1 “what year is it again?” session with as many count-downs as you can handle! We conclude our mutlifaith approach to the winter festival season on January 8 with Paganu sVeatdienu, the holy sweat day of the ancient latvian pagans. Oh yeah did we mention it’s also saunasessions 5 year anniversary?

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Sauna without borders

This week we welcomed Beats Without Borders DJ Tarun.
He layed down a fat breaks and bhangra set

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New Downloads

Woodhead has been busy, and we now present the summer 2005 saunasessions! Check out our new music download area.

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Mr. Mark

Mark’s Birthday Sauna Party :

get hot watching Mark blow out candles

Mr Mark turns 40 on August 29th.
By celebrating it a day early,
we’ll be catching his birthday right at midnight.
But first….

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An old sauna truck finds a new home!

What’s really hot is when people are already sweating when the sauna fires up.
Make that saunaS, plural.

Two locations, two nights, two saunas, two turntables, two tea masters, a moonshine still, an inflatable pool, and lots of exfoliation.

The old saunavan has been sucessfully transported to it’s new location and the new truck has been tested at the house.

And you thought this weekend was all about Salmo!

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Dj Casa Rhapsody

DJ Cassidy aka Rhapsody dropped in to spread some Koots Roots
a sweet selection of good vibe reggae and hip-hop. if you listen closely you can hear Jai playing dijerido.

Ghetto and Woodhead start off the night chillin it wide with some fresh cracklin vinyl. They go back to back in this two part set(coming soon)

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going live to the Railway

Trish was playing with PoGirl down at the Railway Club tonight so we sent a crew to set up a live feed to broadcast to the house. Not much sound quality from the phone mic, but check out the PoGirl phone-in finale (4mb) with the Shiftless Rounders, doing a Woodie Guthrie tune, if I’m not mistaken.

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