Chunky Monkey Floating Sauna

chunky monkey

chunky monkey

“Chunky Monkey” Floating Sauna

The Floating Sauna Company is a family business started in 1999 in the heart of one of Canada’s favorite cottage areas, Haliburton County in Ontario.

Our first floating sauna was designed and built by the company’s founder Don Toporowski, a professional engineer. Because of a steep shoreline, building restrictions and a wide circle of friends on the lake, Don needed a sauna that not only floated off the shore, but that he could take to visit friends on the lake.
chunky monkey

scrap metal

This first sauna was called The Chunky Monkey and was built using two surplus fuel tanks from an F-18 fighter for flotation. This craft had a 50 hp outboard motor for propulsion, a rooftop deck, a bbq and fridge, a changeroom and a sauna that seated eight happy people comfortably. The Chunky Monkey remains Don’s personal sauna craft and has aged beautifully. Some of his best memories on the lake are of motoring out to the middle of the lake in a light rain with the kids, having a really hot sauna then jumping off the rooftop diving platform in the cool lake water. Others love anchoring their floating sauna in the middle of the lake and using it as a central point to waterski, boat or fish from. It increases the season for all water activities substantially allowing you to enjoy cottage sports in the early spring and well into the fall without feeling cold all the time.


Today The Floating Sauna Company’s products are still custom designed for each customer to ensure that the design meets their unique requirements whether it is as a party vessel, remote ski platform, diving tower, personal sauna/spa space, luxury fishing vessel or anything else that can be imagined. We use custom aluminum pontoons and frames and fine cedar to provide lasting beauty, maneoverability and superior quality. Our crafts meet all requirements to qualify for Canadian Coast Guard Certification.

If you don’t feel the need to take your sauna out on the lake or to the neighbours, the saunas are available without propulsion so that you may simply float your sauna at the shore allowing quick and refreshing dips in the lake, rather than trudging along the shore as is so commonly done.

If you would like to discuss the commissioning of your own floating or self-propelled sauna contact Don Toporowski for a free consultation.

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