Sauna Eksperimentet

_dsc0006We like the SE crew. A simple sauna on a trailer. Big bucket for serious cold-shower action. They set up on the ocean with a sound system and a bunch of DJs. They set up at the Roskilde music festival. They are also the only mobile sauna we know so far in Denmark.

The mobile sauna was built as part of a Social – cultural performance project created by seven students from Roskilde University in the spring of 2009. The project was a collaboration between Youth Secretariat, culture and leisure department and Zodiac Theatre in Næstved.

The wood-fired sauna vehicle can accommodate up to 12 guests at a time and features a cold shower bucket mounted outside the sauna.
The sauna was built by 7 people in the week leading up to Easter. Subsequently, the sauna has been taken out to many events testing the project sauna’s proficiency as a hub for local communities. The project aimed to create relationships based on culture, health, dialogue, interpersonal relationships while strengthening local identity.

Below you can see a short video from the event SAUNA REPUBLIC Naestved port d.3 April.

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