Sauna Rekka

Sauna Rekka

Sauna Rekka


Saunarekkas new, highly presentable sauna room is spacious yet cosy. New technologies and natural building materials result in a pleasing appearance and workable unit. The sauna experience feels very real, just like having a
true Finnish sauna.

The final word on mobile saunas. Saunarekka (Saunatruck) is a 17 metres long combination vehicle. It consists of semi-trailer lorry and on top of which the genuine Finnish HONKA log sauna has been built.

You can now go for something totally different and hold a truly memorable occasion for business partners, friends and family.

The truck can be rented out for variety of events throughout the year.

The spacious cabinet has room for a small crowd. The functional kitchen is equipped for preparation of tasty treats.

The cabinet can also double up as a bar; depending on the occasion and the nature of company.
Saunarekka is equipped with:
The kitchen is equipped for snack preparation
The equipment includes TV, fridge and a grill
Continuously heated Honka log sauna
Wood burning and an electric stove
A container over the stove for heating hot water
A water store for 1000 litres
Grey water cylinder for 1000 litres
An electric high pressure shower
Lighting; LEDs and halogen fittings
Its own electrical system
DVD player and radio
A terrace for cooling down
A kitchen / bar for 10-20 people
Kitchen equipment; gas grill and a fridge
Towing vehicle: Volvo FH12

Lauri H

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