Mobilisauna with Hot Tub

Sauna and Hot tub trailer

Sauna and Hot tub trailer
Paimio, Finland

From Heikki Halkosaari we have this mobiilisauna which is as far as we know the second mobile sauna/hottub combo trailer in the world (the other being “the Ark” in Oregon, USA). So check it out, sauna plus hot tub and fold-out deck action. Two wood stoves, one for the sauna, and one immersed in the tub. 220 litre water tank and the 2100 litre tub seats 6 (maybe 10 for us, hey?). LED mood lighting. Roll up with this craft and you will impress your friends bigtime.

By now, mobile saunas are like common and kinda boring in Finland. If you want to impress people you have to try a little harder. The mobilisauna crew is impressive, even by Finnish standards. First, they have only the second sauna/hottub trailer we know of (after the Ark in Oregon). Second, they have an innovative fold-out deck system on their trailer, and third, on their website it looks like they’ve build a whole bunch of mobile saunas, so they are no one-hit wonders. They are professionals and they will bring you delicious authentic Thai cuisine while you are in the tub.

The Mobile Sauna is a transportable combination of sauna and a spa.

With this unique combination of the traditional Finnish sauna and spa you can surprise your friends or clients where ever the venue might be, if you’re thinking of getting a sauna or spa why not hire one first? Just brilliant!

Warning! You don’t wont to give it back – it’s just simply fantastic and very addictive! Any vehicle that has a towing capacity of 1200kg can transport Mobile Sauna.

MEASUREMENTS -Seating for 3-5 persons -TraditionalFinnish wood operated sauna stove with a glass door – Led lighting – 220-liter water tank

SPA TUB – Measurements… – Seating for 6-8 persons – Tub has been covered with waterproof plastic material – 2100l capacity – Led lighting – wood stove heater

TOTAL SPECIFICATIONS – Weight 1200 kg – Measurements – Trailer with brakes – Transportation ONLY WHEN EMPTY OF WATER

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