Bastukatamaran S/S Silla

Silla at 15 knots

Silla at 15 knots


S/S Silla is the name of the world’s fastest floating sauna. The sauna-boat is a miniature copy of our floating hotel. The 11.9 x 6.5 metre large building is made of lightweight fibre-glass, and secured to a catamaran platform. It is powered by two 160 hp diesel engines from Volvo Penta, and is expected to reach speeds of 15 knots. It can be used as a relax area, conference room, and wedding suite.


The S/S Silla is officially the world’s fastest floating sauna, setting the world record last Saturday, July 4th in Marstrand, West Sweden, during Match Cup Sweden. The sauna reached 15.5 knots (nautical miles per hour), the equivalent of 28.71 kph/17.84 mph. To give you an idea of of how fast that is, the fastest speed acheived by a boat was 275.9 knots, the fastest human swam 4.6 knots, and the fastest aquatic animal, the sailfish, can reach 59.1 knots. The SS Silla’s 15.5 knots will most certainly allow for relaxing in a jacuzzi in style.

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