The Ark

The Ark

The Ark

The Ark: Sauna & Hot Tub Trailer

Possibly the world’s only combination hot tub and sauna on wheels. Albert puts the recreation back into recreational vehicles, and he can do it for you!

“I built the Ark in Eugene Oregon, USA; just 16 nights, mostly after work. I had an F-16 fighter pilot/Squadron leader help me for the last three days. Then without lights or breaks we towed it through 2 feet of snow to a mountain resort for one week of partying with our new vessel. The plot thickens and it’s funnier than hell. But the fact is it’s never too late to do it again.

I am now living in Roatan Honduras. There is a need for great saunas in the Caribbean.

I do know of another mobile sauna and will try to get you info and photos.

Thanks for keeping the Ark and the art of making mobile saunas on the

Vernon Albert
011 –504 -373-8262 cell phone number in Roatan Honduras
541-359-4172 Eugene Oregon phone number that rings in to my Internet phone
in Roatan.

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