Kompak Easyjet Marketing sauna

Promotional Sauna

Promotional Sauna

It’s missing a wall, and the steam and the stove are fake, but it looks like a sauna and it’s on a trailer. It’s also the only thing close to a mobile sauna in the UK (that we know of). A lot of the mobile sauna builders here have trouble getting girls to pose with them in their sauna pictures. The people at easyJet just hire some “bikini clad babes” and pay them to wear branded towels.

Stuck for a new idea for your 2009 trade shows or exhibitions? We might just have the answer for you!

We were asked by London PR Agency Beattie Communications to come up with a novel way of promoting their new client easyJet. They wanted us to build a mobile sauna complete with smoke effects, lighting hot coals, internal benches and lighting to transport a team of scantily clad models around London and they wanted it within the week.

Amid much whining by the guys in the warehouse, we cracked open another industrial sized tub of midnight oil and worked through the night to produce the 5 metre long PR trailer in time for the product launch. Oddly enough, finding someone to drive the tow vehicle and 15 seater minibus to transport the partially clothed models around London wasn

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