Sarge’s Moving Steams

Sarge's Moving Steams, Zil-157

Sarge’s Moving Steams, Zil-157
Up in the North of Finland you’ll find a wilderness adventure lodge with an old Soviet Zil-157 converted into a large mobile sauna. Korpi Korsu also have a large traditional smoke (savu) sauna to complement their activities which include a historical Winter War (WWII) Finnish partisan experience, complete vintage skiing equipment, compass orienteering and morose Russian border guards enactors.

The moving steam is built with a selection of small logs for cladding, for a very traditional and unique look. They operate the sauna while on the road, although we’re not sure if there’s seatbelts on the sauna benches. It’s usually found up north near Laakajärvi around Salminen lake, but it has occasionally been spotted in Helsinki.

In Russia there’s a lot of converted military truck banyas, often GAZ-66 and ZIL-131. This is the only mobile sauna we’ve seen on a Zil-157, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see others.

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