Mir Kosmobanya

Mir Space Sauna

Mir Space Sauna

MIR, the Russian space station, included a banya (sauna) for cosmonauts built by Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. When in operation, this sauna had an altitude of 254 km and an orbital velocity of 26,000 km/h.

Space Saunamilitaryphotos.netABBYY- Yes it was much funny things with ISS development. But I would like to tell
about space sauna.

My father (Komolov Vladimir Viktorovich) was one of developers of shower and sauna for space station. Actually it was project for his graduation from institute. Leter when he came to Energia it became his job to implement both on space station. What he with developers team did for Mir space station.

So cosmonauts enjoyed not only shower but also good sauna during their missions. But one day bosses decided that sauna consumes too much energy and ordered to dismount it from station.

Cosmonauts of current mission said: no way, f***. Bosses were very angry but what can you do when thing which you want to destroy flies 300 kilometers above you. So when mission returned to earth and next team arrived to station they issued this order once again.

Next team said: umm… ok… after all experiments will be done…. Guess what happened. In result they sabotaged order too

So when third mission were about to launch military man was included who received strict orders to dissassemble sauna at any cost And he did this job.

So in turn my father was very angry and dissapointed .

TERENCE SMITH: Mir served as a temporary home for 104 crew members. Most importantly, Mir hasprovided a window on what it might be like to live in space on a day-to-day basis — living in space, that is, in quarters not much bigger than a
greyhound bus. No one knows that better than Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov, who spent more continuous time in space than anyone: 438 consecutive days– sometimes taking advantage of a small sauna on board.

Recovering From Spacespacedaily

The human record for space habitability is a fourteen month stint on the Russian MIR space station. When filmmaker James Cameron asked the record-holding cosmonaut in Moscow, how long it took to feel okay again after returning to Earth?, the flippant answer was “One vodka, one sauna.”

When combined with the preflight training, extensive exercise regime on board a space station and postflight recovery, a three year mission to Mars might take years to even a decade from human preparation to a healthy recovery. Such a lengthy stint exceeds most forms of voluntary military service.

The cosmonaut paused and reconsidered his recovery time when answering Cameron’s question, “About six months.”

Valery Polyakov

space.comAfter four months of sponge baths and freeze-dried space food, though, Frank Culbertson said he’s looking forward to “a real hot shower” and a “nice bowl of ice cream.” Vladmir Dezhurov is yearning for a warm sauna and Mikhail Turin said, “a big glass of cold beer would be fine.”

Russia’s 2nd cosmonaut, Gierman Titov, dies in saunaCNN

September 21, 2000MOSCOW (Reuters) — Cosmonaut Gierman Titov, Russia’s second man in space and the first person to spend more than a day in orbit, has been found dead in his home sauna, police said on Thursday. He was 65.

Space Training at Russia’s Star City Includes Saunaincredible-adventures.com

“Once complete I EVA back to the entrance hatch and we call it a day. Then the doc whisks me away and hands me his homebrewed cup of herb tea. I get undressed and the doc insists on me taking a sauna. Well, I handle cool temps normally quite well, but the opportunity of having a sauna in Russia can’t be let go by. ” – A. Forrer

NASA Space Research Includes Saunasfhs.eget.net

In 1946, Viherjuuri and his friends acquired a small sauna which they opened to the Finnish Sauna Society’s growing membership. In 1952, they built a larger sauna complex near Helsinki on the island of Vaskiniemi which included two savusaunas, two vented saunas, and an experimental sauna where medical research could be conducted. NASA used their facilities in 1959 to study the effects of re-entry heat on the human body.

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