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Toronto, Canada

Sauna Box, the designchild of Canadian trio Castor Canadensis (Metalsmith Designer Kevin Goddard, Stonecarver Brian Richer and Photographer Designer Ryan Taylor) is a portable sauna designed within a custom shipping container built from sculptural steel. The sauna box can be transported to any location, needs minimum site preparation, is water tight, has a wood-fired stove and is powered by solar panels. The interior contains carved stone stools, a stone sink, custom wood and metal work.

sauna box
“The Sauna Box is dialectical investigation of the common shipping container and traditional sauna. Through this tension it addresses built environment issues minimum impact, sustainability, and presents them in an accessible, usable form.” -prefab saunas are run of the mill but this is different-”

Each Box is site specific and custom built. The outer skin is constructed of Cor-Ten steel, a material that withstands saltwater and used as sculptural material. This utilitarian, sculptural aesthetic is continued on the inside with hand made objects such as carved stone stools, stone sink, custom wood and metal work.” Website is a work in progress but has a cool movie and soundtrack by the band, Broken Social Scene-hugs for that.

sauna box
This design is based on the utilitarian aspect of shipping containers: utility and portability rolled up in its own convenient modular package. While this particular container is not a true shipping container (its constructed of corten steel, well known for its sculptural properties and stable rust finish) it is still built to be transported to your custom site. For the heat source, a wood fired stove is built into the box and power is supplied by solar panels (good for when you are out in the wilderness and
living off the grid.) Clever wood, stone, and ironwork can be added to customize the sauna while paying homage to natures surroundings (note the beaver-whittled stool.)

Contact Brian Richer at +1 416 994 1232.

sauna box
sauna box

Uniteam Container Sauna

The company Uniteam also offers shipping container saunas. The same company can also offer matching shipping container chapels, pubs and jails (in that order?). No dialectic investigations required.

Mobile and portable sauna solution. Quick deployable and movable sauna container.

Uniteam is happy to provide its customers with the option of their own portable sauna shelter.

uniteam sauna container
The container can be a fully equipped sauna. It can be provided with integrated power and heating system as well as water storage system as well as music and lightning infrastructure.

Can be shipped including chairs, tables and all necessary equipment. The client is most welcome to suggest his own interior design.

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