Bosca Beatha

Bosca Beatha, Ireland

Bosca Beatha, Ireland
Cork, Ireland

I don’t think sweats are too common in Ireland these days so it’s great to see this mobile sauna trailer on the coast.

If you’re looking for heat in Cork this summer, look no further than Shirley
Fitzpatrick’s mobile sauna, An Bosca Beatha. The Kilkenny native, now living
in Kinsale is delighted with the response it has received so far and she has
already travelled as far as Sligo with her self-built mobile sauna.

The Cork Independent caught up with her down in Garretstown strand on Monday
evening on what looked like a misty winter’s evening but even still there
was plenty of surf and a lot of people about. Before we could ask her about
the inspiration for this unique mobile sauna, we were given a towel and told
to experience it before she would answer any questions. Seating up to eight
people, it was intense heat and the conversation was flowing with the mix of
people there. A dip into the sea afterwards was the perfect solution and it
was exhilarating to say the least.

“The idea behind is that is that I thought it would be really nice if there
was a community sauna that you could access in villages or towns, that you
didn’t have to go to leisure centres. Then I thought about making it and it
seemed like an obvious idea to make it mobile. I did some research on the
internet and found that they aren’t that uncommon and even in Finland they
have an annual mobile sauna festival,” said Shirley.

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