Aare Saunawagen

Aare Saunawagen

Aare Saunawagen


Beside our main project of the public Sauna to the Aare this year we tackled our mobile Sauna project.

Andreas Blumenstein in the tub, Fritz Sahli in the car and Stefan kropf/Urs Baumann

We want to give all our members the possibility to sweat in an open, family atmosphere. At the end of October we bought a site trailer, which we converted to a Saunawagen.

On 28 January the Saunawagen was inaugurated with soup and Proseco. Immediately all registered members can acquire 10-pack sauna passes for 10 Franconias. The Saunawagen can be used by members at any time.


Sweat beside the sheep pasture

After sweating a jump into the river. That is the still unrealized dream of the association “Sauna to the Aare”. Now it opens to those in Switzerland the first mobile Freiluftsauna (free air/outdoor sauna). It is in Uettligen.

Flashlight, reading material and towel: requirements for the ultimate rural Saunavergnuegen. These pieces of advice are in the user info on the homepage of the association “Sauna to the Aare”. Filled with the most important Sauna tips, can loose-pull confidently.

The first Freiluftsauna of the region Berne is in a converted site trailer at the periphery of the village of Uettligen on the bio farm of farmer Fritz Sahli. Or rather: behind the farm. And with a free view over green meadows and the

The former site trailer is the first mobile Sauna in Switzerland. The vehicle was converted the last winter in approximately 400 hours by club members. The Sauna with wood furnace and the holzgetaeferte quiescent area can seat six people. Candles provide for cosy lighting. The association invested approximately ten thousand Franconias into the conversion of
the wagon. It was solemnly inaugurated in January with soup and Prosecco.
inside the saunawagen
saunawagen furnace

A “meeting place”

inside the saunawagen
Bio farmer Fritz Sahli has heating of the Sauna well handled: For the recruiting leagues farmer it is a step toward “Agro tourism and
Wellness”. Sahli operates the 28 hectares farm, on its large farm and grainary, runs a bio shop, supplies different shops in the city Berne with its products and entertains guests. It converted a Remise into a seminar area, and Sahli still has more ideas. But the local laws create barriers: Recently it had to remove a pavilion in the yard, because it did not conform with zoning laws. He sees the sow hub impulse of the urban club members and their guests despite additional work as enriching: “the meeting of city and country brings everybody something.”

Freiluftsauna in the Marzili

Even if the sheep watch the naked Saunagaengern and are announced in the open air itself cooling in the bath tub: In the year 2004 the created association “Sauna to the Aare” does not want to be original project to give up: “a public Freiluftsauna and an open-air urban swimming pool, like they already have in Zurich and Geneva – that is and remains our goal”, says Barbara Beyeler. The first Sauna project in the Lorrainebad failed because of lack of resources, now rests hope in the Marzilibad: There soon the “Bueber” must be reorganized. “perhaps that is exactly the right moment for the building of our Freiluftsauna”, says Beyeler.

Only for members

The Saunawagen in Uettligen is open to club members: Members pay an annual 50 Franconias fee, sponsor participate with 200 Franconias. It is possible for members to reserve the Sauna on the internet at www.saunaare.ch. The Saunagang costs 10 Franconias per person, but passes are available also in Sahlis bio shop.


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