Barnaul Banyatruck

A Classic Banyatruck

A Classic Banyatruck

Barnaul, Altai Region, Russia

This is a very famous mobile sauna, after Reuters ran the story and it got picked up all over the internet. Igor Chupin converted an old military GAZ-66 military vehicle and is charging people 1000 roubles (about $42.37) for ever hour.

Found a new truck for the world mobile sauna roster today out of Siberia. These crazy Russians built one in a military truck. It has an 88 gallon water tank on the roof!

BARNAUL, Russia (Reuters) – Cannot afford to install a sauna in your home? A Russian inventor might have the answer — the mobile sauna.

Converted from a military truck, Igor Chupin offers clients a session in the back of his GAZ-66 truck for 1000 roubles ($42.37) per hour.

“What Russian guy doesn’t love his banya! One day I had the idea to put a bathhouse on wheels and to drive wherever I want!” said Chupin, a self-taught inventor from the Altai region of southern Siberia.

Russians adore saunas, or banyas, spending hours in the steam rooms with friends, swapping stories over tea or vodka. Many hit themselves or others with dried birch leaves to improve the circulation.

Chupin said it took him months to build the traveling banya offers the real Russian experience. It has a 400-litre (88-gallon) water tank on top to provide the steam. It is heated with a wood-fired stove.

(Reporting by Natalya Sokhareva; Writing by Conor Sweeney; Editing by Elizabeth Piper)

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