Skipoli Gondola Trailer

Skipoli  gondola sauna trailer

Skipoli gondola sauna trailer
We’ve seen an actual up-in-the-air sauna gondola, this one is a sauna made from a gondola car on a trailer.

Skipoli ski club turned a lack of snow in 2009 into a sauna trailer. The Finnish representative of the gondola company Doppelmayr was very positive about the project and made arrangements with Austria to acquire the gondola car. Promoting Teekkarikylä and the Design Factory also helped with materials and construction.

Skipoli sauna gondola trailer

Skipoli sauna gondola trailer

The support structures are pressure-treated lumber, finished with with aspen
treated with parrafin oil. They managed to find a stove small enough for the spa
ce and still fit lots of sauna bathers. Since the gondola walls are all glass,
heat barrier for the stove, provide insulation, maintain a view, and have it look good from both the inside and outside. LED lighting is built into the ceiling.

The sauna was completed, but when the snow finally arrived ski trips put work on finding a suitable trailer in the background. An old decayed RV caravan trailer was found for a suitable price and the sauna lifted on with a small crane. The trailer was large enough to leave room in front for a small terrace.

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