M/S GloskÄr



M/S Gloskär is a registered rental boat weighing around 36 tonnes which traffics the Larsmo lake. On board is a sauna that can hold around 20 persons, and a grill cabin for around 20-25 persons. M/S Gloskär is rented with a crew who takes the group on an unforgettable archipelageal experience. The boat is built from itŽs own blueprints, and is guaranteed the only of it’s kind in the world.

You will be able to enjoy sauna in the best of finnish archipelago, and enjoy a wonderful meal as close to nature as you can come!

During the winter, M/S Gloskär can be rented for (example) a company party. It will be a combination of a private sauna, and a nice evening around the fire in the grill cottage. M/S Gloskär is then docked right by Café 7 broar.

We are also able to cater groups, but own food and drink is allowed.

This is how it works during summer

M/S Gloskär is most suitable for groups of up to around 15 persons. For your understanding, you are here able to get an idea of the concept for a typical evening cruise with a group.

The group gets aboard by the Café 7 broar’s dock. We head out to “Gloskärsfjärden”.

After half an hour we drop anchor and the sauna-bathing can begin.

During the time we head to the café and bring back catering food (if you wish) and set up a nice meal for you.

After a while, when everyone’s happy – we steer back. After around 4 hours, the group is back on dry land.

…and during winter

The sauna and the grill cabin can be reserved after regular times for private use.

Take a dip in the ice-cold water, and warm up in the sauna, then enjoy a
nice bite to eat at the grill cabin…

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