Liepaja, Latvia

“As part of the Integrating Latvian Society Project, K@2 proposes The Saunaosta Project, an experiment in bathing as a cultural interface. The Saunaosta Project will build a mobile sauna in a bus that will be able to travel between the program’s workshops in Liepaja, Riga and Daugavapils, where it parked out back and participants will be invited in after a hard day of workshopping.”

The ponijpirts is built in an old pony trailer with an excellent pony-ramp entrance. It uses a wood stove. After some long delays the ponijpirts was completed on time for Janji (July 24) 2004, and more than 17 people can fit inside the sauna.

After the 2004 Tukums festival the ponijpirts original Renault truck was finished, so in 2005 the ponijpirts
was remounted on a new volvo truck and received a new paint job.
According to web sources, ponijpirts went to Paris and Strasbourg as the “Le Camion Sauna Mobile” in November 2005:
Le Camion Sauna Mobile 
Basé à Karosta, Liepaja, Lettonie, La Camion Sauna Mobile est un Sauna fonctionnel aménagé dans un camion par l’artiste multimedia Karlis Kalnins. Il permet au grés des deplacements du camion de villes en villes de d’offrir aux visiteurs un sauna gratuit. Le Sauna constitue aussi un espace de rencontres original entre des personnes ne se connaissant pas… Il sera visible à Paris et Strasbourg à partir du 7 novembre 2005 (localisation 0388370872)

ponijpirts paint job
Le Camion Sauna Mobile

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