Suhtesepp Saunabus

Suhtesepp Saunabus

Suhtesepp Saunabus

Ilmandu old technology and Sauna Club
Ilmandu, Estonia

The name Suhtesepp is used by the Ilmandu Old Technology and Sauna Club. The club’s goal is to enjoy life through the restoration of old technology. Of course, as typical Estonians, they like saunas. Currently they have a classic Volga car, a minibus RAF named “Puppy”, and a rebuilt Soviet-era KAVZ Kurgan bus for the club’s sauna . They even put wheels under their bath tub, because you never know in advance when you want to enjoy the mood.

They love to rent out their equipment to others because a shared joy is a double joy!

Snow sauna in Ilmandu, Estonia

Snow time in Ilmandu, Estonia

Sauna bus costs 800 kroons/51 EUR per hour with a driver and an added fee per kilometer 8 EEK / 0.51 EUR / km from the base and back to Tabasalu. Price includes two bags of firewood, enough for at least three hours of bathing and about 200 liters of water. The sauna has a traditional wood-burning stove, and can accommodate 8 people.

This brightly coloured sauna is featured on the cover of the Mobile Sauna book.

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